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Who Are We?

We help businesses get better at winning and keeping more customers.
At ImpactCX, we believe strongly in going above and beyond to provide exceptional value for all our stakeholders - customers, employees, partners by delivering solutions for Business Intelligence (BI), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) using our hard core knowledge and expertise.

We partner with the best technology vendors to deliver best-of-breed business applications and analytical solutions. We advocate applications that are pre-built and ready to go, or that can be rapidly developed from the bottom up.

Business Intelligence (BI) – managing information challenges, from simple delivery of visual dashboards to more complex analytics, decision support and insight.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – ensuring that internal resources are structured, aligned and equipped to deliver maximum customer value.

Customer Experience Management (CX) – understanding the customer view, perceptions and feelings, and taking action to exceed customer expectations, as they engage, communications and interact via all channels.

ImpactCX Advisory – leveraging our executive-level relationships, approach, best practice and experience to define and align winning strategies and solutions for BI, CRM and CX.

Differentiated Value Proposition

Technology – We look for, and partner with the best technology vendors, platforms and solutions.

Approach – Our Blueprint methodology – developed with clients – focuses on the priority business outcomes and value. We seek to manage and deliver solutions that are aligned, relevant and easy to execute.

People – We are very specialised and skilled. We work side by side with our clients’ team, making best use of our joint capability. We believe in learning and developing together, and promote knowledge transfer, to drive up mutual value and success.

Experience – Repeated experience means that we have seen and solved the common issues and challenges time and time again.