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How to better communicate visually with Data

Over the course of consulting for BI and data Analytics, ImpactCX has picked up a few handy tips along the way for how to better communicate with data. We wish to share these with you and hope you find them helpful.

  1. Understand your audience
    1. Who is your audience and what data are they looking for
    2. What communication mechanism should I be using.
  2. Eliminate data clutter
    1. Are you overloading your audience with too many visualisations?
    2. Is the audience able to relate the visualizations in a way that is meaningful?
  3. Choose an effective Visual
    1. Barcharts, graphs, line charts, donuts, slope graphs, heatmaps. Which is the most effective visual medium for your data?
  4. Think like a Designer
  5. Think like a Storyteller

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