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CRM Adoption and Change Management

There has been many disconcerting news about an increasing number of CRM deployment which is evident going by stats. Forrester says “Out of all the CRM project ​problems reported, we found​ the most significant threat ​to be slow user adoption (49 percent).”​
The biggest challenge that is experienced with the implementation and deployment of CRM system is not created by inadequate technology but by ridiculously low user adoption rates. There is also the erroneous view that designing a less complex CRM system would encourage increased user adoption, this is further from the truth. The most effective way to tackle the challenge of low user adoption rates is to have a proper insight into the nature of your target audience, creating the most coherent transition to a new system that adequately integrates old system, effective training programs and effective communication to sustain change and most importantly, adding all of these considerations to a meticulously created system.

Ultimately every system has to be adapted to meet the peculiarities and operational requirements of the specific organization. This is fundamentally imperative to achieve unprecedented adoption rates and system success.