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CRM integration is a very important consideration for many businesses; the need to integrate applications with CRM to function seamlessly in ways that improves business processes is increasingly becoming prevalent amongst customers. While Salesforce and Microsoft dynamics CRM are fantastic when functioning independently, there is still an increasing demand amongst customers to integrate CRM with applications and websites.

Whether, your integration is a simple one way nightly feed or requires real-time bi-directional updates we have extensive expertise that is derived from some of the most complex integrations. Some of the complex integrations and frequently requested systems are listed below:

• Create arrangement for experts to observe end-user during operation, create requirements workshop, and evaluate current CRM systems to generate an extensive list of CRM requirements.

• Generate an estimate based on project scope with an extensive list of requirements and desired items documented during requirements gathering

• Co-operatively work with you using Project-Scope Estimator to tweak items in and out of scope of Phase 1, and have informed business discussions about cost/value trade offs for each line item

• Create a backlog of future CRM requirements (along with ballpark scope) that will be tackled in the subsequent phase(s) and beyond

ImpactCX have an amplified level of efficiency and can aptly implement our integration service in short order.