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Our Approach
Do you know your sales productivity, sales effectiveness, marketing and service and support ROI? Let our expert advisors help you uncover these facets of your business and chat out a clear path to success for your business.
CRM software and strategy provides a potent formula to achieve strategic goals, tactical objectives and customer centric workflows. Strategically defining & developing the correct roadmap is critical to the success of a project & rollout. We can help you start off on the right step:
  • Define needs and objectives
  • Select the technology platform that best addresses both
  • Assess the risks involved
  • Create high level specifications
  • Create an implementation strategy road map
  • Apply system best practices to processes
Getting the CRM you really want is about using your chosen CRM platform to it's fullest extent. This can entail integrating with all your internal systems such as accounting, marketing and email - to name a few. When you tailor the solution to your business needs, the end result is better productivity gains as well as increased end user adoption. Let's get you a CRM your way.
  • Leverage cutting edge technology
  • Custom tailored to your specific needs
  • Integrate with your systems
  • Work across all devices and platforms
  • Perpetual feedback and continued goal alignment with the system
  • Customize and deploy in phases
User Adoption
CRM is not just unifying customer information and deal data into the sales funnel (although it will give you that too!). It is about enhancing the way an organization’s sales, customer service & marketing work – by increasing productivity and empowering then with the right tools you make their tasks simpler. With the right buy-in from all stakeholders, your projects’ success are dramatically increased. It is essential to work with an integrator who gets the concept of change management and how to get everyone involved with personalized user training, quick wins, and tips & tricks.
  • Personalize user training
  • Quick user gain strategies
  • Beta testing period; time for users to adapt and provide feedback
  • System admin training
  • Continual user training
  • Make sure users understand the group benefits and the individual ones as well
Optimizing means fine-tuning your CRM system to warrant you are getting the maximum ROI from your investment. Let's confirm you're getting the most from your CRM. We want a system that works and is powerful for each and every customer regardless of which platform you select. It means just as much to us to see you successful with a solution, as it does to you..
  • Adapting and integrating to new technology such as Social Media
  • Integration or Voice over IP
  • Leveraging sets of new features as they become available
  • Quick implementation of existing/new strategies
  • Continuously helping you craft: Customer experience, Processes,
  • Prospecting activities
  • Watch dog for what is not working to its maximum potential