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Software implementation consultation

Minimal disruption maximum performance

With extensive understanding of some of the most intricate software implementation processes, we offer unparalleled and highly specialized premium service that is reflective of more than 20 years of experience gathered from active involvement in the dynamic business software industry. We are particularly proficient at thoroughly assessing your business operations and processes with the view of integrating it with our technology for the most harmonious and efficient performance. Once the codes are written, we would transform it into well-tailored and functional software! Creating an effective software implementation process that enhances efficiency and productivity of an organization can only be achieved by a careful assessment of the organization’s mode of operation, infrastructure, and procedures with the view of adapting technology to meet daily work requirements.

Procedures to success

Assessment/ Evaluation phase
the assessment or evaluation phase is the most crucial phase in the software implementation procedure as it is intended to ensure that the software is well tailored to meet business requirements. The assessment phase would encompass a thorough evaluation and documentation of business procedures, processes and infrastructure in bid provide a solution that is unique to the organization. After proper evaluation and documentation has been carried out, the information translated into a layout that contains practical specifications and database groundwork. A proper assessment gives an unequivocal picture into the budgetary and project conditions which determines the overall success of the project.

the configuration and design phase follows the assessment phase with the specific obligation of incorporating all of the business procedures processes and requirement into the software. Simply put, the integration phase incorporates everything that is contained in the layout into the software. The configuration/ design phase also embraces customization and integration processes while installing basic capabilities.

Customization and integration phase
the customization phase is particularly relevant in adapting software to suit organizational peculiarities. The integration phase on the other hand has the specific duty of merging existing data software with the new solution. Our integration process is quite inclusive, incorporating information from organizations database.

because we prioritize perfection and customer satisfaction we have developed an intricately meticulous quality assurance procedure that ensures software support and enhances every aspect of business requirements.

the implementation phase is the final procedure in the software implementation processing and is concerned with introducing the newly developed software to the organization in the most coherent way. Our Implementation process is done in systematic stages in ways that do not disturb business operations while facilitating adoption by employees.