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Training and user adoption

We support enhanced user adoption rates across all platforms

Getting the right platform is not conclusive in business software. Adequate training that dramatically enhances user adoption performance is critically imperative even though it engenders a seemingly insurmountable task.

Why is user adoption rate a big issue?

When you create an effective solution, the most importance aspect is to ensure that it is used with the highest level of efficiency. More importantly, you want to ensure that the solution you have created helps propel the business forward by efficiently expediting daily operations of users. At ImpactCX we specialize in creating some of the most engaging adoption methodologies that provides users with the necessary motivation to utilize the software platform while learning pleasurable ways to use the software. Our goal is to enhance end user experience in ways that substantially increases business productivity.

Behavioral assessment and involvement

Understanding current behavior

Understanding the current behavior of users is imperative to enhancing adoption rate. In the bid to get a proper understanding of current user behavior, we engage the user groups in the most interactive and participatory ways possible. By doing so, we are able to determine why users do not utilize current software while incorporating necessary modifications to new software in ways that dramatically changes users’ behavior and enhances user adoption.

Administrative training

Administrative training is a decisive factor when trying to improve adoption rates. Getting your administrators to use software platforms efficiently is the fastest way to get other user groups to start using the software platform. We at ImpactCX train administrative users, even if they have limited relevant skillset, equipping them with the necessary requirements that would enable them utilize software effectively.

End user training

At ImpactCX we create a very coordinated online end user training program that provides end users with the necessary skill to operate the software platforms effectively while helping them identify and clarify common challenges that users encounter.